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Who’s Who

Every science has its scientific forum: a body that documents developments in the field, tests methodological premises, and exchanges research findings. Such a body is largely invisible, because it reflects the geographically and temporally dispersed history of a particular science. Besides, it usually operates in silence. It comprises a community of critical readers silently following the discourse and silently appraising it. Sometimes such a forum becomes visible and vocal: in a work community or editorial board, in a training course or institute, in a dissertation or at a congress.

Spirituality needs a forum in which professionals, teachers, researchers and students in the field can discuss important topics, keep abreast of each other’s publications, hear about educational and congress activities and the like. There are various local forums of this nature, in the United States there is the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality, in Europe the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Theologie der Spiritualität and the European Association for the Study of Spirituality. South Africa has a Spirituality Association of South Africa. But there is no global forum transcending national and language divisions. Developments in ICT have made such a forum possible.