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Studies in Spirituality

Since its initiation in 1991, Studies in Spirituality has become a crucial international voice in the study of spirituality. The journal is published annually by the Titus Brandsma Institute.

The purpose of Studies in Spirituality is to publish academic and specialist articles on spirituality and mysticism, and thus promote spirituality as an academic discipline with a specific object and methodology – a discipline in continuous dialogue with other sciences that may assist in clarifying questions and problems in spirituality.

Since spirituality needs a multi-disciplinary approach, Studies in Spirituality covers a wide spectrum: theoretical questions about spirituality and mysticism; fundamental aspects and phenomena of spiritual transformation; important currents, periods and figures in the different spiritual traditions. The focus is on Judeo-Christian traditions mainly, although not exclusively.

Editorial Board

Titus Brandsma Institute Nijmegen (Netherlands)
Prof. Dr. C.J. Waaijman
Dr. I.M.K. Bocken

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. A. Cacciotti, Pontifical University Antonianum Rome
Prof. Dr. M. Canévet, University of Strasbourg (Em.)
Prof. Dr. J. Dan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Em.)
Prof. Dr. E. Dreyer, Fairfield University
Prof. Dr. K. Egan, Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame (Em.)
Prof. Dr. R. Elior, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Dr. A. Geels, Lund University
Prof. Dr. J. Hogg, Salzburg University (Em.)
Prof. Dr. C. Kourie, University of South Africa Johannesburg (Em.)
Prof. Dr. B. McGinn, University of Chicago (Em.)
Prof. Dr. S. Schneiders, Jesuit School of Theology Berkeley
Prof. Dr. P. Sheldrake, Cambridge Theological Federation


Studies in Spirituality
Att. Wendy Litjens
Titus Brandsma Institute
Erasmusplein 1
NL-6525 HT  Nijmegen

Note to contributors

Please send an electronic version of your manuscript to the editorial secretary:
Mrs. W.M. Litjens
Titus Brandsma Institute

For the forthcoming issue (28/2018) the deadline for incoming articles is closed. The next deadline for articles for issue 29/2019 is February 1, 2019.

Please, read our Editorial Guidelines before sending your manuscript.

Edition 27/2017

Below are the titles of the contributions Studies in Spirituality 27. There is also an overview of the summaries of all contributions.


David T. Bradford

The Cognitive Mysticism of Reciprocal Awareness in Symeon the New Theologian, Teresa of Avila, Theoleptos of Philadelphia, and a Modern Ascetic

Nicholas O. Pagan

Gao Xingjian’s One Man’s Bible – Engaging with Literature as a Spiritual Activity

Hannah Wortzman

The Rape of Eve and its Spiritual Connotations in Early Jewish and Gnostic Literature

Rico Sneller

Son of God – Between Ashkenazic Hasidim and Meister Eckhart

Jean-Pierre Fortin

Prayerful Spirituality as Experiential Theology – Teresa of Avila’s Mystical Transposition of Augustine’s Confessions

Macario Ofilada Mina

Spirituality, Truth, Mystagogy – Introduction to the Episteme of Spirituality from the Teachings of Saint Teresa of Jesus

Willem Marie Speelman

Spirituality of the Incarnation

Delphine Rabier

Les trois degrés de la vision selon Ruysbroeck l’Admirable et les bergers du Triptyque Portinari de Hugo van der Goes

Sylvain Camilleri

Remarques sur la parole chez Johann Georg Hamann

Terje Sparby

Rudolf Steiner’s Conception of Meditation and Spirituality – Connecting Divinity and Nature through the Human Being

Julia S. Whelan

Spiritual Renewal in Jeremiah’s Call – A New Look at ‘Uproot and Tear Down, Destroy and Demolish, Build and Plant’

Michael Chung

A Pauline Definition of Spiritual Formation

Robyn Wrigley-Carr

Echoes of Von Hügel in the Spiritual Direction of Evelyn Underhill

Michael Zammit

Thomas Merton – Casting Out the Noonday Demon

Peter Tyler

Swami Abhishiktananda and the Possibility of Christian Sannyāsa

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