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Studies in Spirituality

Since its initiation in 1991, Studies in Spirituality has become a crucial international voice in the study of spirituality. The journal is published annually by the Titus Brandsma Institute.

The purpose of Studies in Spirituality is to publish academic and specialist articles on spirituality and mysticism, and thus promote spirituality as an academic discipline with a specific object and methodology – a discipline in continuous dialogue with other sciences that may assist in clarifying questions and problems in spirituality.

Since spirituality needs a multi-disciplinary approach, Studies in Spirituality covers a wide spectrum: theoretical questions about spirituality and mysticism; fundamental aspects and phenomena of spiritual transformation; important currents, periods and figures in the different spiritual traditions. The focus is on Judeo-Christian traditions mainly, although not exclusively.

Editorial Board

Titus Brandsma Institute Nijmegen (Netherlands)
Prof. Dr. C.J. Waaijman
Dr. I.M.K. Bocken

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. A. Cacciotti, Pontifical University Antonianum Rome
Prof. Dr. M. Canévet, University of Strasbourg (Em.)
Prof. Dr. J. Dan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Em.)
Prof. Dr. E. Dreyer, Fairfield University
Prof. Dr. K. Egan, Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame (Em.)
Prof. Dr. R. Elior, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Dr. A. Geels, Lund University
Prof. Dr. J. Hogg, Salzburg University (Em.)
Prof. Dr. C. Kourie, University of South Africa Johannesburg (Em.)
Prof. Dr. B. McGinn, University of Chicago (Em.)
Prof. Dr. S. Schneiders, Jesuit School of Theology Berkeley
Prof. Dr. P. Sheldrake, Cambridge Theological Federation


Studies in Spirituality
Att. Wendy Litjens
Titus Brandsma Institute
Erasmusplein 1
NL-6525 HT  Nijmegen

Note to contributors

Please send an electronic version of your manuscript to the editorial secretary:
Mrs. W.M. Litjens
Titus Brandsma Institute

For the forthcoming issue (28/2018) the deadline for incoming articles is closed. The next deadline for articles for issue 29/2019 is February 1, 2019.

Please, read our Editorial Guidelines before sending your manuscript.

Edition 28/2018

Below are the titles of the contributions Studies in Spirituality 28. There is also an overview of the summaries of all contributions.


Transforming Spirituality – Proceedings of the International Conference held at Soeterbeeck (the Netherlands) 6 and 7 May 2016


Introduction – Kees Waaijman


Rossano Zas Friz de Col

The Future of the Study of Spirituality


Ben Schomakers

Transforming Mystical Theology – Reconstructing an Early Spiritual Trialogue: Plotinus, Proclus and Dionysius


Janet K. Ruffing

The Praxis of Spirituality – Experiencing God and Responding to that Relationship


Marc De Kesel

Spirituality & The Social – Some Reflections of the Basics




David B. Perrin

Mimesis – The Substructure of Hermeneutical Methodology in Christian Spirituality


Wilhelm Dupré

Primo es homo, secundo Christianus, deinde vocatus ad hoc vel illud – Some Remarks on the Imago Dei as Key tot he Unfolding of Being Human and Cultural


Albrecht Classen

Mystical Literature fort he Modern Reader – Responses to a Dilemma and Pragmatic Suggestions fort he Teaching of Mysticism Today. With a Focus on Mechthild of Magdeburg


Louisa van der Pol

Buzzing Up Towards the Choirs – The Theme of Gotes Geswîgen in C.O. Jellema’s Poem ‘De Tombe van Meister Eckhart’


Dale M. Schlitt

Abbot Suger – A Trinitarian Space


Chad Thralls

Urban Parks as Sacred Places – Pilgrimage, Loliturde, and Access to Nature


Kieran Hayes

Merton and the Red Thread


Reginald Alva

Embodiment & Spirituality – The Role of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement in Promoting Spirituality through Embodiment


Hannah Wortzman

The Daughters of Men and the Sons of God – Breaking the Boundaries between the Spiritual and the Divine


Cullan Joyce

Cosmology, Worldview, and Attitude – A Discussion of Maximus the Confessor in Light of Mindfulness Meditation


Casthelia Kartika

Origen on the Return of the Fallen Soul to God through the Interplay of Prayer and Scripture


Frits Mertens & Beatrice van der Heijden

Spirituality at Work – Results from a Questionnaire among 765 Blue en White Collar Workers


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