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The Titus Brandsma Institute works collaboratively with various organisations.


Organisations which established and continue to support the Institute:

Radboud University, Nijmegen – rooted in a Catholic foundation, a student directed research university with an international orientation.

The Carmel Order (O.Carm) – an international religious community with a particular focus on the experience and study of spirituality.


Organisations which the Titus Brandsma Institute works with in the areas of research and education, publications and the provision of services:

The Stichting Carmelcollege – an alliance offering a broad range of secondary educational provision and which is committed to the building up of tomorrow’s society.

Saint’ Anselmo (Rome), a Benedictine international university which, together with the Titus Brandsma Institute, provides a Master’s level study programme: ‘Cultural Dimensions of Christian Spirituality’.

The Titus Brandsma Memorial (TBM) – a centre for contemplation and formation, which advances the study of spirituality and seeks to keep alive the memory of Titus Brandsma.

The Konferentie Nederlandse Religieuzen (KNR) – the umbrella organisation for all religious institutions in The Netherlands.

The Katholische Akademie Schwerte – an academy for research, adult education and dialogue. One of the core areas of research is lay spirituality. Together with the Titus Brandsma Institute, the Akademie publishes the series: Felderkundungen Laienspiritualiteit.

The Institute of Spirituality in Asia (ISA) (Manilla) – an institute for research into spirituality in Asia, particularly the Phillipines. ISA provides academic education in various organisations.

The Fakulteit Teologie of the University of the Free State (Bloemfontein) works together with the Titus Brandsma Institute in the area of Biblical spirituality.

The Kueser Akademie fϋr Europäische Geisteschichte – a scientific research institute which, among other areas, focuses on the philosophy of spirituality.

The Verband Katholieke Maatschappelijke Organisations (VKMO), connects together the professional aspects of various social organisations with spirituality.