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It is useful to the scientific forum to know where and when congresses, symposia and other gatherings are held, not only with a view to possible participation but also to get a picture of what is happening in the discipline of spirituality. SPIRIN Bulletin Board is a facility for members to keep each other informed of events in their field. As mentioned already, this could take the form of announcements of congresses, symposia or seminars. Other possibilities are book presentations, jubilees and similar occasions. Thus SPIRIN Bulletin Board will provide an up-to-date calendar giving the dates and venues of all events in the field of spirituality.

In addition to the Bulletin Board SPIRIN also has a Links component. SPIRIN Links are divided into two groups.

The first comprises links to the websites of scientific research and teaching institutions in the field of spirituality. By consulting these websites visitors to SPIRIN can find out more about the various research and teaching programmes.

The second group comprises links to websites dealing with the contents of the discipline. These links are included, albeit very selectively, in the relevant entries in the SPIRIN Encyclopedia.