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Call for Papers: Beatrice of Nazareth Conference


Medieval Mystical Theology in Dialogue with Contemporary Thought

An International Conference on the Occasion of the 750th Anniversary of the Death of Beatrice of Nazareth (1200-1268)

KU Leuven, Belgium, 30 May-2 June 2018

The annual conference of the Mystical Theology Network

The Institute for the Study of Spirituality and the Theology in a Postmodern Context Research Group invite abstracts for a conference that seeks to bring historical and contemporary theology into dialogue. In addition to commemorating Beatrice of Nazareth, the conference seeks to explore themes related to Beatrice’s text and context, but also to address theological issues that continue to resonate in contemporary debates. Both the historical- and contemporary-theological questions will be clustered around three main themes, but we strongly encourage interdisciplinary approaches that engage both historical and contemporary conversations. More information about the Call for Papers.

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