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Education Network: SPINE

One indicator of the development of the discipline of spirituality is ‘the proliferation in the academy of courses and programs in spirituality. The graduates of these programs are increasingly being invited to teach in their area of expertise, a sign that interest in the field at the undergraduate level is also increasing’. Normally spirituality is taught in physical classrooms. Developments in the digital sphere now make it possible to provide instruction in an expanded virtual classroom, so that students all over the world can communicate with each other. SPIRIN Education was developed for such digital education, and will be carried out by a collaborative association of various institutions. By means of the digital learning environment the SPIRIN Education network (SPINE) offers teaching modules for academic education in spirituality. The modules can be used by local academic institutions to teach the subject. They are designed in such a way that students complete the module partly by way of face-to-face sessions at their local educational institution and partly by way of assignments set in the digital learning environment. In the process the local educational institution remains responsible for teaching on the spot, but at the same time students have the opportunity to learn interactively in an expanded virtual classroom.