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PhD Programme

The Titus Brandsma Institute offers the possibility of supervision for research projects. Further details are available from Charles Caspers. The Institute’s senior academic staff are involved, either as first or second supervisors, in a number of doctoral research projects.

Depending on the specific area of expertise of the PhD student and his/her chosen supervisor, a form-descriptive, mystagogic, hermeneutic or systematic approach is developed, and sometimes a number of approaches are combined.


Summary of the current PhD research which commenced in 2010:

– Beusichem, Mariska van, Thérèse van Lisieux als mystagoge. Begeleiders: dr. J.A. Huls en prof. dr. C.J. Waaijman

– Dool, Eelco van den, Spiritual Dynamics in Social Innovation. Begeleiders: prof. dr. F.A. Maas en prof. dr. M. Verkerk (TU Eindhoven)

– Etminan, Erika Helene, Spiritualiteit en ervaringen in het management. Begeleider: prof. dr. F.A. Maas

–Fotescu–Tauwnkel, Carmen, Monastic Work of Athanasios Abū Ghālib. Textedition and Commentary. Begeleiders prof.dr. H. Teule en dr. J.A. Huls

– Kruip, Marjolein, Art, devotion and travelling: material remains of geographical networks in late medieval Europe. Begeleiders: Prof. J. Koldeweij en dr. C. Caspers

– Pol-Struik, Louisa van der, Mystiek van Meister Eckhart in poëzie en poëtica van C.O. Jellema. Begeleiders: prof. dr. F.A. Maas en prof. dr. S. Levie (Letteren RU)

– Polet, Noela, Brieven van Adelaïde de Cicé. Begeleiders: prof. dr. F.A. Maas en dr. C.M.A. Caspers

– Schoenmakers, Johan, The Practice of Liturgical Ritual in the Imperial Abbey Thorn circa 1600. Begeleiders: dr. L. van Tongeren (UvT) en dr. C.M.A. Caspers

– Sommers, M.J.P., A Hermeneutical Narrative Research in the Mystagogical Process of the Book of Privy Counseling. Begeleiders: prof. dr. A. van den Hoogen en prof. dr. H.H. Blommestijn

– Suparyanto, Petrus, Javanese Mysticism of Bima Suci in the Serat Dewa Ruci. A Comparison with Christian Tradition on Spiritual Growth. Begeleiders prof. dr. H. Blommestijn en dr. C. Caspers

– Vate, Esther van der, Oratieve dynamiek in een traktaat van Maria Petyt Begeleider: prof. dr. F.A. Maas en dr. E. Hense.