Through developments in the area of ICT, what once seemed impossible is now within reach: an international forum for the study of spirituality.

The Titus Brandsma Institute wishes to contribute to the setting up and development of such an international scientific forum: Spirituality International (SPIRIN).

Spirituality International is a web-community of academics, teachers, students and professional practitioners who exchange and discuss academic information.

Underpinning the web-community is an idea of spirituality which makes it possible for academics out of different disciplines, cultures and religions to participate in this community.

SPIRIN is composed of the following six sections which, via cross-referencing and links, are inter-connected:

Who’s who
Education Network: SPINE
Bulletin Board & links

Spirituality International is an academic web-community. The information is freely available to everyone. Members of SPIRIN can actively participate in the web-community.


Direct link to the SPIRIN website.